Headshots by STEVE MILLER, offering the latest style in headshot photography for, entertainers, corporate executives, actors, models, social media, business and medical professionals.

The biggest shift in the culture of business in human history, has been the development of the internet. Its a visual medium and the first impression someone will get of you is your online image. Do you really want that first impression to be a selfie photo. Even if your image is a traditional portrait, you still might not be putting your best foot forward. Traditional portraits are somewhat passive and say to the world, “this is what I look like.”  A properly executed headshot says, “this is who I am and I am here to help you.” A headshot is assertive and subtly aggressive and extends a visual handshake of greeting to your viewers.

A good headshot is a collaboration between the person being photographed and the photographer. Schedule your photo session today and let’s see what we can create together.